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Dear Parents and Students!
Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year AD 2024 to you and all your families!
Please have a safe one and I look forward to seeing you all next year.
All the very best!
  Yours in karate  - Shihan Alessandro Trimboli and Sensei Geoffroy Mourade

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Important training finish dates for 2023 and restarts in 2024:

North Strathfield Karate School: 

Restart 2024:       please refer to -> Venues tab

Hunrters Lane Cove Karate School:

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Crows Nest Karate School (Baptist Centre):

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  • Sempais graduation for Victor, Paul, Riyu and Lachlan (16 Nov 2023)

    Big congrats to our Sempais achieving their rspective higher ranks!


  • Nidan graduation for Shodan Richard (20 October 2023)

    It was a culmination of a tough, 4 weeks long, Nidan grading path.
    Congratulations Nidan Richard, well done!

  • Shodan graduations for Sempai Mark and Sempai Charlie (22 September 2022)

    Congrats Shodans and well deserved!

  • Junior Black belt Grading month (Shodan graduation day 16th November 2021):

    Four students graduated for a black belt that month:
    Sempai Hugo to Shodan
    Sempai Christopher to Shodan
    Sempai Zoe to Shodan
    Sempai Jade to Shodan

    Congratulations All, well done Shodans!!!

    Please refer to so some memorable pictures from that very important Day:





  • Sensei and Shodan graduation month (graduation day 30 November 2020):

    Six seniors graduated that month:
    Nidan Geoffroy to Sensei
    Nidan Sam to Sensei
    Nidan Paul to Sensei
    Shodan Frank to Nidan
    Shodan Robert to Nidan
    Shodan Justin to Nidan

    On the graduation day we were all had some tough kumite!
    Congratulations All!!!

  • Kuro-Obi (Black Belt) graduation Day (26 September 2019)

    Sempai Richard successfully graduated to Shodan, a well deserved black belt!
    The graduation took place at our Hombu dojo at Hunters Hill.

    Congratulations Shodan Richard!!!