Miyagi Do Karate is a Karate school located in Sydney, Australia. At Miyagi Do Karate we practice the style of Goju Ryu created by Miyagi Chojun Sensei in Okinawa, Japan. It is a close quarter fighting system that has equal focus on hard (Go) and soft (Ju) techniques.

The school was founded by Alessandro Trimboli Sensei with the intention of preserving the traditional training methods of Goju Ryu. Through the perfection and understanding of kata Trimboli Sensei aims to impart the true essence of Goju Ryu to his students.

Trimboli Sensei’s thinks of Miyagi Do Karate as a family. It is through working together that we can advance along the way (Do) and attain our true potential both in Karate and our personal lives. Other benefits of Karate practice include physical fitness, discipline, co-ordination and confidence.

All people with a willingness to learn are welcome to join Miyagi Do Karate. Age is of no barrier when it comes to Karate training as each person can train to their limit and still greatly benefit.

Trimboli Sensei especially encourages children to begin training as the foundations laid early in life will be the basis for the rest of our lives and the earlier we learn discipline, humility, charity and perseverance the better prepared we will be for the years ahead.

At Miyagi Do Karate all are welcome to visit and see the training for themselves regardless of experience or training in other styles and/or schools.

After all we are all climbing the same mountain and there are many ways to reach the summit.


Picture taken Septmeber 1997
From left standing:
George Barounis - 7th Dan, Gonnohyoue Yamamoto 8th  Dan, Hisatada Yabe 8th Dan and Alessandro Trimboli 2nd Dan