Dojo Etiquette:

The dojo is a sacred place where we train ourselves physically and mentally. The students should respect the dojo and observe the following etiquette.

Students should try not to be late for training. If late sit in Seiza at entry to Dojo and bow three times, wait for recognition by sensei before joining class.

Upon entering and leaving the dojo, show respect by bowing to the dojo shrine.

Always be polite to your instructors, senior students and elders.

Keep your fingernails and toe nails short. Do not wear any jewelry during training.

Do not eat for an hour before practice.

When an instructor calls for training to begin, line up smartly, facing the dojo shrine.

While practicing, listen carefully and seriously to the advice and instructions given to you.

When an instructor gives you some advice, listen carefully and sincerely. Do not forget to show that you have heard and understood the advice.

When training with partners always bow at beginning and end of practice as a sign of respect.

When changing positions in the dojo, do not walk through the rows. Walk around the outside or between rows.

When adjusting or tidying your gi, bow and face away from the dojo shrine. Do not adjust your gi during an exercise unless told to do so.